Had the pleasure of working with NapkinLabs for little over a year to create their platform for group innovation and ideation. It's functionality is vast and versatile, while it's interactions maintain simplicity and straight-forwardness.

Jargon: IA, Wireframes, UI, Aesthetics, Front-end, Strategy.



Crafted a strategy, identity and web experience with Scriptpad, both before and after their acceptance into Techstars in the summer of 2010.

Jargon: IA, Wireframes, UI, Aesthetics, Front-end, Strategy, Identity.

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DuckDuck Deal

Worked with the terrific folks at DuckDuck Deal to create their web and iPhone products with supporting illustrations and branding.

Jargon: IA, Wireframes, UI, Aesthetics, Front-end, Strategy, Identity, Illustrations.



Redesigned the home of Occipital's iPhone success, RedLaser, just before eBay acquired the application.

Jargon: IA, Wireframes, UI, Aesthetics, Front-end.


360 Pano

Brought on a second time to design the home of Occipital's second application effort 360Pano.

Jargon: IA, Wireframes, UI, Aesthetics, Front-end.


the ebb & flow of things.

Thought & Discovery

It's about identifying the core of what we're working on, and the interactions that will allow us to successfully fulfill our business and user needs.

IA & Wireframes

Iterating and exploring the interactions with boxes and lines keeps the ideation light and nimble enough to evolve with the process and bring about great results.

Aesthetic Design

Putting clothes on the wire frames. Bringing a tactile and meaningful experience to the interactions. Exploring and effectively integrating the brand's identity into the UI.


Nuts, bolts and plumbing. HTML/CSS, Javascript and development. Browser and standards validation. Basically, making it all actually work.



I like the who, why and how of communicating. I like tech, art and psychology. I like processes with a mix of analytical and emotional reasoning. I like all the right things - so, I design.

Living in Boulder, by way of New Jersey, I'm a big fan of snowboarding and biking, though I miss the beach.

That's me!


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